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We are driven by digital ideas: We not only develop our own apps and websites, but also like to implement your ideas in the digital world - straightforward, nimble and always curious.

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Mieke & Oktavius
Mieke & Oktavius

Mieke & Oktavius

Comics have always worked on paper - but online too? The special narrative style makes an appealing web presentation difficult. With our solution for "Mieke & Oktavius" we have created a completely new online comic reading experience.

Kultbahnhof Gifhorn
Kultbahnhof Gifhorn

Kultbahnhof Gifhorn

Together with the Kultbahnhof team we created the new website for the music school and event location. The intelligent info system makes the website look new every time you call it up, but the most important things always remain the most present.



We created this simple one-pager for a local company - clearly structured, appealing in terms of color, font and image selection and focused on the goal of our client and potential customers.

Petition platform
Petition platform

Petition platform

We have presented the dangers of suspected contaminated sites from the oil industry that have not yet been investigated on an information website. Numerous citizens have signed the petition and thus made politicians rethink their position.

Snuna always relies on the latest technologies, because the Internet of the future can do so much more. This applies both to the agency services Snuna offers its clients and to its own visionary projects.

The arctic fox is Snuna's mascot. The term „snuna“ comes from the Old Norse language and means something like „to take a turn“. True to this motto, Snuna's team is always looking for new ways to implement their own ideas while reaching their goal in the most elegant way: websites and apps that not only look beautiful, but are above all user-friendly.

Snuna founders Bastian Till Nowak and Ben Weber had been working together for several years before they launched their joint company on November 5, 2021 - just in time for Ben's 18th birthday.

Both are united by the irrepressible curiosity and inspiration to create something new with the possibilities of modern web development. Because Snuna is not just an agency, Snuna is the umbrella brand for a variety of planned app releases.


Bastian Till Nowak

Bastian Till Nowak

Marketing Sales Contact for clients _

Snuna is already Bastian Till's second company. Back in 2014, the newspaper editor set up his own business with the city magazine KURT and the associated agency KURT Media, where he continues to act as publisher and editor-in-chief.

Bastian Till was born in Gifhorn in 1985. In his hometown, he is a member of numerous associations and also participates as a citizen representative in the municipal committee for urban planning, environment and traffic. In his job as well as in his free time, he prefers to be among people.

Ben Weber

Ben Weber

Development Design Technical support Programming _

It all started with Ben's own weather forecasts for his city, which were usually more accurate than those of the major weather services. So he needed a website to share them with other people. When he was 12 years old and launched, he started programming - since then he has been fascinated by the possibilities offered by modern web development.

Ben was born in Frankfurt am Main in 2003. He lives in Gifhorn - and when he's not working on his MacBook, he prefers to spend his time out in nature, where there are no people far and wide. Always at his side: dog Emilia.

How expensive is a website?

Basically, there are no limits to web development - the more complex a website is to be, the more complex the programming is, of course. We offer simple websites for as little as 600 euros, but high-end websites can run into five figures - depending on what you want. But don’t worry: We always look for the right offer for your budget.

Do you also make apps?

Yes, we program full-stack web apps and also publish them in the app stores. Our apps run on all major smartphones, however, we don’t develop natively, but hybrid. You have an idea for an app and need support with programming? Then feel free to contact us!

I have a great idea, but unfortunately only little money. Can we still do business?

Yes, why not?! We are happy to support you with our technical know-how to bring your idea to success. If you don’t have enough budget for our services in your start-up phase, we will certainly find a solution together. So don’t be shy and just contact us.

I already have a website but I am not satisfied with it. Can you help me?

Yes, of course! We will be happy to make you an offer for the creation of a new website and also take care of the transfer of your domain and any associated email inboxes. Our personal support will take care of all open questions until you are satisfied - and of course beyond.

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